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She paints…


My mother-in-law makes the most beautiful quilts. Many are hand-stitched, some are machine-stitched, but however they are put together, they are intricate creations of beauty, destined to outlive her–a part of her that will be cherished for many years to… Continue Reading →

The Wall

There’s a wall standing between me and what I want to write. I’m standing in front of it , alone, and I have to find a way over it, around it, or through it. It’s made of stone stacked so… Continue Reading →

Chalk Paint Part 2

Now that I had completed my six kitchen chairs with chalk paint, it was time to move on to my next project.   I had already tried out three different colors on the kitchen cabinets…in fact,

Playing with chalk paint…

At a temporary standstill with my stair makeover, I decided the time was perfect to start a new project. I was really excited to try out the chalk paint I had recently discovered, and being one to just plunge in to… Continue Reading →

How are those stairs coming along?

It was supposed to be a weekend project. Under $50.00–all I needed was some stain and polyurethane.  From the pictures on Pinterest it looked easy. That was three weeks ago. Step One: Start tearing up carpet on a rainy Friday… Continue Reading →

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