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Ordinary Time

It Happened at Work Camp…

Tuesday. Two days in to a full week of service and prayer  at CHWCand we had just ended the night in Eucharistic Adoration. Walking out of the program area in to the night air my eyes immediately rested upon a… Continue Reading →

Wonder and Awe

As a Youth Minister, I have often tried to explain the gift of the Holy Spirit that is known as Wonder and Awe to teenagers preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Also known as Fear of the Lord,  Wonder and… Continue Reading →

They Doubted

We spend a lot of time talking about God.  Jesus is all over social media; he is on billboards, he is depicted in paintings and worn as jewelry. He is on bumper stickers. There are all kinds of books written… Continue Reading →


The darkest month. The sky is mostly gray. The wind is cold. The trees are bare.  The days are short and the nights are long. My  mind fills with memories. My daughter’s cancer diagnosis several years ago. My dad’s short,… Continue Reading →

Come After Me

You find yourself sitting by the sea, alone with your thoughts, watching the activity going on all around you. You see him in the distance, walking your way. You have heard his name mentioned and you think you might want… Continue Reading →

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