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It’s Never “Over”

As Childhood Cancer Month comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on our journey. In January 1998 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Somehow, she was able to beat the odds she was given. But her battle never… Continue Reading →

Navigate Recovery

  If only… If only that one night hadn’t happened… If only he hadn’t started to drink… If only there hadn’t been a gun close by… We don’t know the details of what happened, and almost six years later it… Continue Reading →

Hearing in the Silence

The tenuous road we each walk in life is often difficult, ¬†with many forks in our path. Which way do we turn? What if we stumble and fall? Have we had enough to drink along the way, or is our… Continue Reading →

Unexpected Gift

“I want to thank you…for all you have done and continue to do… I thanked God for you today… Your poetic words of encouragement…you touched me so deeply… In our busy lives, we forget to show how much we appreciate… Continue Reading →

Re: Notes to Self/Caregiving/Motherhood

One might think that years after spending months in the hospital as the primary caregiver for our daughter, I would have learned a few things. One might be wrong. Yesterday, our daughter received the first of two cochlear implants to… Continue Reading →

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